Producer (Contract)
Jago Studios
Garbage Pail Kids: The Game (iOS)
Working with a 100% remote development team to execute on the CEO’s vision for a polished mobile card-battler on a tight budget. Owned the product roadmap, streamlined production process, and led the team through worldwide launch. Also acted as PM/data scientist, downloading raw analytics data and writing custom query tools with Python.

Currently working with the founder/CEO to develop original IP and to evaluate IP to license for upcoming games. Co-developed a pitch, wrote scripts, and wire-framed gameplay to present for an Upcoming Project to the producers of a popular TV show.

Game Design Consultant
Design consultant for Starbeard, a rogue-lite hybrid of match-3 and RPG. App Store Game of the Day in the US and UK in January 2020, also covered in Kotaku and Gizmodo as a top mobile game of 2019.

Lead Designer (Contract)
Color Switch
Led design of a Unity-based rebuild of the original hit Color Switch game. Designed and tuned several new game modes and created 150+ levels. Maintained a pace of one update per week, with new game modes released every other week during soft launch.

Live Services Producer
EA Capital Games
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Heroes of Dragon Age (iOS/Android)

  • Founded the live service team for Heroes of Dragon Age and grew to eight members. Acted as de-facto lead designer when most resources were moved to other projects. Iterated on character and content design to discover an optimal strategy for weekly updates that maintained strong monetization despite a complete halt of new feature development.
  • Moved to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, owning the content roadmap and managing a multidisciplinary team to execute it. Drove development of processes to deal with complex and confusing localization, QA, and source control branching issues. Ensured product readiness for live service, prioritizing development of service-focused features and tools. Led daily “War Room” meetings during the game’s launch period to disseminate important information to game, studio, and company stakeholders.
  • Led efforts to coordinate holiday events, film release tie-ins, and platform-specific promotional events between the game studio, EA’s marketing, publishing, and platform relations teams, and LucasFilm’s Star Wars approval team.

Game Designer
EA Capital Games
Heroes of Dragon Age (iOS/Android), Unannounced Title (Facebook, cancelled)

  • Designed the combat system for Heroes of Dragon Age, including over four hundred collectible characters with unique abilities. Designed automated tools to assist balancing.
  • Designed and internally tested multiple iterations of combat system prototype for Heroes of Dragon Age, including paper prototypes and a Unity project. Collaborated with engineers on a prototype for a version of the Unannounced Title, which involved real-time RTS-lite combat. Both prototypes led to project green-lights.
  • Organized and led Game Design Lunch series of events to facilitate studio-wide discussion of game design and sharing of game tear-downs and analysis.

Lead Software Engineer / Producer
KlickNation Inc
Superhero City, Happy Zoo, Age of Champions (Facebook)

  • Joined as a software engineer but quickly absorbed more responsibilities. Worked as producer and lead software engineer on Superhero City until a full-time producer could be hired. Designed and built features including Leagues, League Wars, and League War Tournaments, a trifecta that nearly tripled daily revenue when first introduced. Designed and built Equipment, Raids, and City Mastery features, which became core pillars of monetization and engagement. Iterated tutorial to increase funnel completion. Worked with art lead to coordinate design and release of new in-game items.
  • Led a team of engineers and QA on Superhero City and Age of Champions. Developed best practices resulting in significant reduction of bug rates, cache misses, and server response times. Consistent revenue from these two core games supported the company across multiple game launches and helped lead to an eventual acquisition by Electronic Arts.

Game Designer / Co-Founder
Concept, design, and all content for Serial Killer Facebook app – a parody of Poke-style apps that accumulated over 60,000 users in the early days of Facebook apps.

Toys for Bob
Cutscene Design / Programming
Madagascar (PS2/Xbox/GameCube)

  • Cutscenes: Directed/programmed cutscenes for the game adaptation of Madagascar using a
    proprietary scripting language. Wrote a few key scenes and terrible jokes.
  • Mini Game: Designed and programmed an overhead-view retro shooter game using in-game
    assets. It was given original art and music and incorporated into the game as an Easter Egg.

Fun Madagascar-related stuff: My way-too-long demo reel, a compilation of my favorite long camera moves from the game, and footage of the mini game.

Other Projects

Troll Farm (iOS) – Creator, designer, programmer
Political satire idle game. A small project made in my spare time over about six weeks. Can be completed in about two hours, and is free.

Moustachevania (PC/Mac) – Creator, designer, programmer, sound design, music.
This is my ongoing project. A hardcore platformer with exploration, multiple game modes, and mysteries aplenty.

Pixel City Bros (PC) – Game Designer (contract)
Systems design for indie RPG inspired by classic SNES RPGs and side-scrolling beat-em-ups. Combat system design, character and ability designs, and other game mechanics like town reputation, arena battles, XP curves, item drops, and more.

Blob Catcher (iOS/Android)Creator, designer, programmer
A cute but difficult hyper-casual game made in a few weeks with Unity.

Monster Stew (PC/Mac) Everything
Ludum Dare 41 game jam compo submission – everything created from scratch in 48 hours. The theme was “combine two incompatible genres,” so I made an FPS/cooking game where you have to kill monsters, pick up their bodies, and throw them into a stew. Download it here.

Fork and Knife In The Road (Doom 2 level)Sole Designer
A lifelong dream – my first publicly released Doom 2 level. Download it here. (Or watch my play-through here instead!)

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

Produced/Directed “The Worst (and Best) Full-time Job” short doc, purchased by CurrentTV

Created ‘Return of Ubermann’ level set for Mac shareware game Harry the Handsome Executive, maintained fan site with information about level design.

Recorded, produced, and mixed demos and EPs for local bands, including the EP ‘Prolonging the Days‘ by prog-metal band Weslester.

Played drums and wrote music in local band Red Lantern.

Directed and edited a music video for high-school duo Two Seconds. (Aspect ratio broke when I uploaded to youtube, and I don’t have the source material anymore. Sad.)


B.A. Cinema San Francisco State University, December 2006