Freelance/Independent Game Developer

Garbage Pail Kids: The Game Producer (contract)
Production coordination, design guidance, scoping and prioritization, and release planning for the upcoming mobile card-battler with classic characters from this retro IP. Lots of JIRA.

Pixel City Bros – Game Designer (contract)
Systems design for indie RPG inspired by classic SNES RPGs and side-scrolling beat-em-ups. Combat system design, character and ability designs, and other game mechanics like town reputation, arena battles, XP curves, item drops, and more.

Color Switch – Game Designer (contract)
Wrote design docs for game modes Classic, Phoenix, Launch, and Brick, based on direction from Creative Director. Trained and managed a junior designer. Hand-created about 125 levels for Phoenix and Brick modes.

Troll FarmCreator, designer, programmer
Political satire idle game. A small project made in my spare time over about six weeks. Can be completed in about two hours, and is free.

MoustachevaniaCreator, designer, programmer, sound design, music.
This is my ongoing project. A hardcore platformer with exploration, multiple game modes, and mysteries aplenty.

Monster Stew – Everything
Ludum Dare 41 game jam compo submission – everything created from scratch in 48 hours. The theme was “combine two incompatible genres,” so I made an FPS/cooking game where you have to kill monsters, pick up their bodies, and throw them into a stew. Download it here.

Fork and Knife In The RoadSole Designer
A lifelong dream – my first publicly released Doom 2 level. Download it here. (Or watch my play-through here instead!)

Live Producer @ EA Capital Games

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Heroes of Dragon Age (iOS/Android)

  • Leadership: Led the live teams on two consecutive games on 100+ releases, from small bug fixes to huge content updates. Led daily “War Room” meetings during the game’s launch period including studio and game leadership teams, community management, customer service, and representatives from EA marketing and publishing. Ensured that all stakeholders understood issues and priorities, and crafted a daily agenda to give important issues time for discussion.
  • Process Design and Team Scaling: Scaled the live team from one to as many as eight on Heroes of Dragon Age. Created processes to plan, execute, test, and release content, including third-party approvals. Moved to the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes team before launch and adapted the processes with a mostly new team of up to twelve team members.
  • Collaboration: Worked with representatives across Capital Games, EA marketing and publishing teams and Disney/Lucas to plan and execute updates. Worked with EA’s representatives to Apple and Google on marketing promotions, including an iOS-exclusive charity event benefitting WWF.

Game Designer

EA Capital Games

Heroes of Dragon Age (iOS/Android), Unannounced Title (Facebook, cancelled)

  • Game Design: Designed and tested the combat system for Heroes of Dragon Age. Balanced over four hundred collectible characters across five “rarities”, with unique abilities and strategies.
  • Collaboration: Worked with engineers to iterate on combat system features, as well as to create simulation tools to test and verify game balance.
  • Live Operations: Worked with engineers, PM, and designers to facilitate ongoing game updates, including balance changes and new content. Communicated with players in forums to collect qualitative feedback.
  • Prototyping: Designed and internally tested multiple iterations of combat system prototype for HoDA, including paper prototypes and a Unity project. Also collaborated with engineers on a prototype for a version of the Unannounced Title, which was used for focus testing and helped lead to a project greenlight.
  • Leadership: Organized and led Game Design Lunch series of events to facilitate studio-wide discussion of game design and sharing of game teardowns and analysis.

Lead Software Engineer / Product Manager

KlickNation Inc / EA Capital Games

Superhero City, Happy Zoo, Age of Champions (Facebook)

  • Production: Worked as product manager and lead software engineer on Superhero City before a full-time Producer could be hired. Design and implementation of features including Leagues, League Wars, and League War Tournaments, a trifecta that nearly tripled daily revenue when first introduced. Design and implementation of Equipment, Raids, and City Mastery features. Iterated tutorial to increase funnel completion. Worked with Art Lead to coordinate design and release of new in-game items at a rapid pace.
  • Engineering Leadership: Introduced rigorous tests and interviews to improve quality of engineering hires. Led a team of seven engineers and QA on Superhero City and Age of Champions. Enforced standards and best practices, resulting in significant reduction of bug rates, cache misses, and server response times. Worked with CTO to standardize tools and processes. Led a tightly bonded team with strong morale and consistent feedback loops.
  • Startup Leadership: Hosted “Lunch and Learn” events. Presented JavaScript and PHP best practices.
  • Engineering: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, memcache, Linux server admin. Wrote many fundamental systems in Superhero City. Transitioned SHC from Facebook’s proprietary FBML markup to the now-standard iFrame using JQuery. Wrote an abstraction layer to encapsulate cache and DB access.


Software Engineer / UI DesigneR

Collaborative Web Browser, Mousecloud (Flash-based collaboration platform), Photo Tag (Facebook app)

  • Software Engineer: Worked in Flex 3 and PureMVC on a collaboration platform that transformed into three different products, two of which were focused around real-time collaboration. The last was a Facebook app for putting hats and mustaches on photos. Wrote REST-based systems in Ruby on Rails and real time systems in Java.
  • UI Design: Custom-skinned Flex UI components and layout for all three Mousecloud projects. Skinned a white-label version of the Mousecloud app for conferencing startup Calliflower.


Game Designer / Co-Founder

Concept, design, and all content for Serial Killer Facebook app – a parody of Poke-style apps that accumulated over 60,000 users in the early days of Facebook apps.

Toys for Bob

Cutscene Design / Programming

Madagascar (PS2/Xbox/GameCube)

  • Cutscenes: Directed/programmed cutscenes for the game adaptation of Madagascar using a
    proprietary scripting language. Wrote a few key scenes and terrible jokes.
  • Mini Game: Designed and programmed an overhead-view retro shooter game using in-game
    assets. It was given original art and music and incorporated into the game as an Easter Egg.

Fun stuff: My way-too-long demo reel, a compilation of my favorite long camera moves from the game, and footage of the mini game.

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

Produced/Directed “The Worst (and Best) Full-time Job” short doc, purchased by CurrentTV

Created ‘Return of Ubermann’ level set for Mac shareware game Harry the Handsome Executive, maintained fan site with information about level design.

Recorded, produced, and mixed demos and EPs for local bands, including the EP ‘Prolonging the Days‘ by prog-metal band Weslester.

Played drums and wrote music in local band Red Lantern.

Directed and edited a music video for high-school duo Two Seconds. (Aspect ratio broke when I uploaded to youtube, and I don’t have the source material anymore. Sad.)


B.A. Cinema San Francisco State University, December 2006