Professional Experience


As Senior Game Designer, reporting directly to the CEO/Creative Director. Click the link for more details.

Bricks n Balls

No page for it yet, but I’m currently working at PeopleFun on Bricks N Balls!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

As Live Services Producer. Click the link for a detailed account of what that entailed.

Heroes of Dragon Age

As Combat Designer and then Live Services Producer. Click the link for a detailed account of my time designing combat and characters.

Superhero City

KlickNation’s flagship game. I started as a developer, upgraded to producer/lead developer, and eventually settled as lead developer. I somehow did a lot of game design on it though!

Madagascar (PS2/GameCube/XBox)

My first industry job! Cutscene design and scripting, plus a secret mini-game. Click the text to learn more!


An award-winning match-3 roguelite. As Design Consultant. Click the link for some more detail.

(imagine a cool logo here)

Dungeon Keeper Social (Unreleased)

That’s right, I worked on a Dungeon Keeper Facebook game that never came out. I wish you could have played the game we tried to make, it would have been fun.

Garbage Pail Kids: The Game

The Garbage Pail Kids: The Game

First as Producer, then as Creative Director with Jago Studios

Color Switch logo

Color Switch

A short contract as Lead Game Designer.

Personal Projects

Follow the links for more detail.

Moustachevania Logo

Moustachevania (PC/Mac)

Game design, art direction, programming, sound design, and music – yup, I did it all. A metroidvania for hardcore platforming fans. Currently unfinished…

Secret Mystery Project

Check out the details here!

Combat design and prototyping, including programming, on a mystery project that I can’t share more details about.

Idle Overlord (Unfinished)

My unfinished attempt at a mobile free-to-play idle/RPG hybrid. Available to play for free in your web browser!

Stranger Cubes

An overhaul of the gameplay from Blob Catcher, changing it into a completely different experience.

Troll Farm

Political satire idle game. A small project made in my spare time over about six weeks. Can be completed in about two hours, and is free.

Blob Catcher

A cute but difficult hyper-casual game.

Doom 2 Level: Fueled By Blood

An hour-long journey into insanity. An epic single-level adventure.

Doom 2 Level: Fork and Knife In The Road

The realization of a lifelong dream: To publicly release a Doom 2 level.

Monster Stew (PC/Mac – Game Jam game)

The theme was “combine two incompatible genres,” so I made an FPS/cooking game where you have to kill monsters, pick up their bodies, and throw them into a stew. Download it here.

Portal 2 User Levels

Two Portal 2 user levels I made back when the game came out. There were more, but they were unfortunately lost to the ages when I got rid of my work laptop.

Other Contract Work

Pixel City Bros (PC) – Game Designer (contract)
Systems design for indie RPG inspired by classic SNES RPGs and side-scrolling beat-em-ups. Combat system design, character and ability designs, and other game mechanics like town reputation, arena battles, XP curves, item drops, and more.

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

Produced/Directed “The Worst (and Best) Full-time Job” short doc, purchased by CurrentTV

Created ‘Return of Ubermann’ level set for Mac shareware game Harry the Handsome Executive, maintained fan site with information about level design.

Recorded, produced, and mixed demos and EPs for local bands, including the EP ‘Prolonging the Days‘ by prog-metal band Weslester.

Played drums and wrote music in local band Red Lantern.

Directed and edited a music video for high-school duo Two Seconds. (Aspect ratio broke when I uploaded to youtube, and I don’t have the source material anymore. Sad.)


B.A. Cinema San Francisco State University, December 2006