Work History

To see my work history in standard chronological order, just check out my LinkedIn to see what I’ve been up to.

Experience By Skill

General Leadership

  • Led live service teams for two AAA mobile titles at EA, including content roadmap, process and workflow development, marketing and platform partner communication, and IP partner approvals
  • Creative direction and leadership on an independent mobile f2p game post-launch with a fully remote team, including an overseas development team and US-based junior game designer, CM, and writer
  • Established hiring standards as an engineering leader at a growing startup, creating and evaluating take-home coding tests. Many of our early developer hires stuck with the studio for several years.
  • Selected by studio leadership to run interviews and create a presentation for a complete post mortem of a canceled project; Presented findings at a team-wide meeting
  • Organized knowledge-sharing lunches and talks and built a studio-wide wiki with info about relevant games
  • Prioritized team productivity and cohesiveness, with frequent 1:1’s focused on prompt, clear, and constructive feedback

Game Design Leadership

  • Mentoring
  • Documentation
  • Animation direction
  • Sound effects direction

Production Leadership

  • Managed live services for a top 10-grossing live service mobile game
  • Created production process for several live service games
  • Hosted daily ‘war room’ meetings at game launch, collecting and presenting data and feedback from reviews, customer service, and community management

Game Design

  • Concept design
  • Pitch Decks and Pitching (to investors and to IP holders)
  • Prototyping
  • Systems Design
  • Combat Design
  • Narrative Design
  • Writing
  • Level Design
  • Cutscene Design, Writing, and Scripting

Design Tools

  • Unity w/scripting in C#
  • Excel / Google Sheets
  • Tools scripting and data processing with Python
  • JavaScript w/Phaser game engine
  • Experience with a proprietary visual scripting language at Toys for Bob
  • GZDoomBuilder and other proprietary game editors


  • Live services
  • Long-term content planning
  • Process and workflow
  • JIRA (yes, it gets its own bullet here)
  • Technical workflows
  • Partner relations and IP approvals

Programming Leadership

(Not looking to get back into this, but it was valuable experience.)

  • Established project-wide coding standards for KlickNation’s two flagship games
  • Migrated development team from “anything-goes” editor approach to JetBrains IDE
  • Established a “zero-warnings, zero-errors” rule on checked-in code, distributing a shared preference file to establish which warnings could be ignored vs. which needed to be addressed (project was PHP, so the IDE had a number of ‘code smell’ warnings that were not necessarily going to be helpful for legacy projects)
  • Embedded a developer-only performance report into every page load on the production instance of Superhero City, allowing the team to easily troubleshoot slow database operations and cache misses, resulting in average page load times of < 20ms
  • Created a “lunch and learn” series for programming best practices, giving several talks on PHP and JavaScript and inviting other team members to give talks as well


(For the curious…)

  • C# / Unity
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript / HTML / CSS
  • Swift (for iOS app development)
  • Python
  • PHP
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Redis