I keep an ongoing list of links to useful or fun game design and production topics. This is not exhaustive by any means – just some interesting links. A lot of these are links saved from posts on Reddit’s r/gamedev subreddit.

Disclaimer: I haven’t used a lot of the tools or followed all of the tutorials. Most of this was saved “in case I need it later,” so I can’t vouch specifically for anything. If you think any of these are bad resources, please let me know!

YouTube Playlists

A playlist of my favorite YouTube videos about Game Development that I add to periodically

A playlist of my favorite YouTube videos about Game Design that I add to periodically (this includes videos from non-developers)

Game Industry Jobs

Amir’s LinkedIn Community Jobs Spreadsheet

Remote Game Jobs

Hitmarker: Gaming and eSports Jobs

Work With Indies

Production / PR / Marketing / Business

Justify Your Project – A thorough presentation about making a business case for your game

Rami Ismail’s Game Pitch Template

Alan’s Gamedev Resources Sheet – An amazing free list of publishers and providers of localization and porting services

Altshift Steam Market Study template v1.4 – For research into Steam games to estimate sales and revenue

presskit() – A free presskit template for marketing games

How to Consistently Make Profitable Indie Games

The BIG List of Video Game PR Agencies and Freelancers

Game trailer mistakes

Making a successful low-budget Kickstarter video (Not video games but useful anyway)

Common marketing mistakes that game developers make

Postmortem on a bad Steam release of a game

AMA: My first game sold 50k in 2 weeks

Reddit discussion: How to hire freelance artists

A Quick Guide to Making Indie Game Trailers

Awesome Game Development Articles – Curated by Black Shell Media (spreadsheet)

Collection of well-designed pages for inspiration

Marketing Your Indie Game: The Single Most Important Thing to Learn

A twitter thread of game pitch templates

Pitching to Work On A Well-Known IP (article)

The “Dinner Party Jerk” Test (about pitching YOURSELF to investors)

My Twitch Live Coding Setup – Remarkably detailed and comprehensive guide to live-streaming your coding on Twitch

Some important notes about game trademarks and Kickstarter campaigns

The Top 50 Best-Selling Video Games of All Time (some real surprises in here! Thanks Isaac for the link!)

How To Pitch a VC


The Game Design Wiki

Reversing the Design: Final Fantasy 6

Ask A Game Developer – Useful tumblr/blog

Level Design Compendium – Huge list of resources

Videon on Combat Design

Video: Color theory for game designers

How to use Unity tilemaps for hexagonal grids

Reddit discussion: Books for game development

Reddit discussion: RPG design

GameMaker Studio 2: The Complete Guide

Postmortem: Three years building a point and click adventure game in Unity

Horror Game Design: Lessons from “Clever” and “Cheap” Horror Titles

Ten Books That Aren’t About Game Design… that every game designer should read

Awesome Game Design Videos – Curated by Black Shell Media

How Not To Suck At Game Design: Essays by Anjin Anhut

Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling (blog)

A Twitter thread with a collection game design docs

A Twitter thread with original design diagrams from the Dishonored series

The Best Free Tools for Narrative Games


Unity tutorial: Lighting and post-processing a low-poly scene

Pixel art tutorial collection

Pixel art how-to: Starting Small

Game Developer Resources (includes articles and links too, but most useful for art)

Free Images For App Development

Mixamo: Animated 3D Characters (from Adobe)

Paletton: Color palette creator


Tons of high quality free sounds

The Largest Drum Machine Collection on the internet (not specifically for games but hey)

Fun infographic about how to properly do sound volume sliders in games

Super Audio Cart – A Komplete sample set of video game samples (paid)


TIGSource – A community of independent game developers and players


A Twitter thread about procedural generation

Lessons Learned on Prototyping from 7500 hours of solo game development

Server-authoritative networking code starter kit for Unity

Shader repositories and other stuff

NPR Contour Shader in the Unity asset store

Reddit thread about a really cool particle shader

Creating destructible terrain in a 2D game

Hexagonal grids: Basically everything you need to know

Math for Game Developers: Trigonometry

Reddit Thread: Better game programming tutorials

Reddit thread: Free software for game development

Game backend-as-service alternatives

Shooter tutorial: Building a shooter from scratch in UE4

Reddit thread: 2D game engine structure

Maze: Building your own randomized place (Unity tutorial)

Combining Perspective and Orthographic Camera for Parallax Effect in 2D Game

Video (Unity): Writing High-Performance C# Scripts

How to Use a Shader to Dynamically Swap a Sprite’s Colors

quill18creates – Unity Tutorials (supported by Patreon)

How to Use Tile Bitmasking to Auto-Tile Your Level Layouts (I can vouch for this one!)


Doodle Studio 95: A Unity plugin for in-engine doodling, including animation

Nifty modeling tool for Unity (Reddit thread)

RPG Map Editor (Unity) – Looks like a good way to kickstart a top-down project

Realtime CSG – Recommended by a fellow developer as an alternative to ProBuilder for Unity

Juice FX – Useful set of animated effects for pixel art in Unity