(Unreleased/cancelled, February 2023-June 2023)

A gameplay video from Wildseed’s CEO/Creative Director, Theron James

Link to the official Oberak page

I spent a too-brief five months working on Oberak before Wildseed Games unfortunately had to shut down due to funding issues.

I was the Senior Game Designer on the Oberak team, and was the most senior game designer on the team, reporting directly to the CEO/founder who was acting as Creative Director as well.

Some highlights from my time there:

  • Systems Design: Refine and simplify existing systems design for prototyping and playtests. Write specs, review with team, and implement in UE Blueprints.
  • Designed and implemented the Workout and Helping mechanics, in which players pick a workout for a student and then optionally ‘encourage’ or ‘correct’ them, which causes them to either finish the workout successfully or fail.
  • Level Design: Designed traversal level section aimed at introducing the player to wall-running and mantling. Redesigned the game’s “Hanato” (home base) area to create clear sightlines between points of interest. Other contributions and feedback on additional level sections to maintain narrative and visual consistency and ease of navigation.
  • Combat Design: As part of a multidisciplinary team, drive combat design towards our Creative Director’s stated experiential goals. Started from zero for a fresh combat demo experience and worked up to a fully-featured real-time martial arts-inspired combat system with combos, a dodge, special moves, and more. Worked with Unreal Animation Montages to adjust timing of animations, hit timing, VFX, and more.
  • Designed and implemented a Combat Area system that manages combat encounters from start to finish.
  • UI design and programming with Blueprints for Workout/Helping mechanics, Combat Tutorial, Intro/Prologue, and more.
  • Also contributed to art direction, combat AI, and audio programming via MetaSounds.