Monetization Consulting

With more than seven years experience in free to play games, I’ve seen both success and failure from the inside. And not just the end result, but the discussions and the reasoning that went into it. I’ve also worked extensively with product managers and data analysts to build a strong understanding not just of the systems, but how to measure and judge their success.

The truth is that there is no template or formula for success, and it takes a comprehensive understanding of a game and its players to determine the best way to monetize. And experimentation too, because nobody gets everything right the first time!

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Free to Play Design

You’ve probably heard all the buzzwords and phrases: Core loop, sources and sinks, all that fun stuff. But you can’t make a game out of buzzwords, and building a great free to play game isn’t as simple as taking an existing AAA game and adding a few ‘pinches.’

Free to play design is holistic, with interconnected systems that reinforce core principles. I’ve seen it done well, and I’ve seen it done poorly. I can help you implement best practices and avoid some common pitfalls.

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Of course, my experience isn’t just in monetization and buzzword-worthy systems. I’ve got experience in prototyping, systems design, real-time combat, designing collectible characters, level design, and even cutscene writing, directing, and scripting.

I also have a degree in film and have been a musician, music producer, concert promoter, web designer, and professional programmer. This eclectic experience gives me a unique perspective in all areas of game design, including narrative and storytelling, sound design, process and organizational design, and more.

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